Best SEO practices for a new website in 2021

Starting a new website in 2020 can be daunting. Looking at how many new websites are made every day and how many already exist may make you think it’s not worth it. How will I possibly rise above all these websites and get a piece of the traffic pie, you may ask. This article is made just for you. Make sure to read to the end to get our tips and recommendations to jumpstart your SEO and begin receiving organic traffic from Google.

SEO practices change with time. With that in mind, we have compiled the best practices that have a significant impact on website SEO and traffic in 2021.

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Onto the article. Here are a few of the best SEO practices to follow in 2021.

You don’t have to implement all these recommendations. Just do as much as you can. The more you do, the more traffic you get to your new website.

Setup Google Search Console

Google search console is hands-down one of the first tools you should setup. It’s a very powerful and free tool for your new website. Google search console helps you track your site’s performance in Google search. It reports on the number of searches you rank for and the clicks you get. With this tool, you can get a sense of how effective any SEO implementation on your new website is. 

Google search console has useful features such as:

  •         Showing which keywords you rank for or that bring the most traffic to your site
  •         The ability to submit a sitemap to Google for it to be indexed.
  •         Flags or indicates errors on your site so that you can fix them.
  •         Receive messages from the Google search team
  •         Shows you a list of websites that link back to content on your site
  •         And lots more

In short: if you want to take your site’s SEO to the next level, setting up the Google Search Console should be one of the first things to do. It’s a key first step.

Bing Webmaster Tools is also a great tool to install. It’s Bing’s version of Google search console. It is also used by Yahoo search to index sites. Adding your site to Bing Webmaster tools will get it indexed on Bing and Yahoo search, which many seem to neglect. In SEO, every source of traffic is important and should be used if its ROI is good.

Plus, Bing Webmaster Tools also has some really good features, like a built-in keyword research tool.

Setup New Google Analytics 4 over the old one

Google search console displays in a graphical and trend manner the data about your site from Google search while Google Analytics shows data about user behavior on your site. It is the BEST way to see how people find your site and how they use your site. Make sure to install the latest version of Google Analytics which Google announced on October 14th, Google Analytics 4.

Some of Its many features include:

  •         It shows you how much organic traffic you get from Google as well as other sources.
  •         It highlights the pages on your site that bring you the most traffic from search
  •         It shows you if your traffic is increasing or reducing and by how much.
  •         It shows user behavior on your site, that is, if they browse other pages on the site and which pages.
  •         Your average bounce rate, time on site, and page views. 

In addition to these features, Google analytics 4 adds;

  • Smarter Marketing Insights using Machine Learning
  • Deeper Integration with Google Ads
  • Customer-Centric Measurements and Better Understanding of Customer Life Cycle

Pro Tip: Connecting  Google Analytics with the Google Search Console will help you see useful SEO statistics right from inside of your Google Analytics account.

Install Yoast SEO

This step is only available for WordPress websites though they may be similar apps for other platforms.

Yoast is hands down one of the most popular SEO plugins on the web. It is so for a good reason.  It analyzes your blog posts and pages and gives recommendations or helpful tips to optimize them. Yoast makes it very easy to optimize your WordPress site and posts for search engines.

Use Short URLs

Keep your URLs as short as possible for posts and pages on your new website. Why? You may ask.

A recent study of over 11.8 million Google search results concluded that short URLs rank best in Google.

Optimize Images

Optimizing images is also a great way to traffic from Google images. If done well, it can get you some good traffic. The images you use say a lot about your content and enhances it. Unfortunately, it is a little harder for Google to understand the content of images. So you have to help it understand your images. The best way to do that is to optimize your image alt tags and file names.

We can’t exhaust the list in this post. Watch out for our subsequent posts with more tips to help your new website grow and receive organic traffic in 2021

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