Off Page SEO and Backlinking: A Complete Expert Guide

Off-page SEO though very important is also very hard to achieve because it not only depends on you, it depends on other people or sites with maybe different views and opinions to yours. It often involves collaboration between you and these sites whose end is to recommend your site as a value-adding entity or providing valued answers to people’s questions.

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In this article, we show you some of the off-site SEO tactics we use to achieve a high return on investment results for our clients.

Link Building is King

Link building translates to upvotes or a recommended badge for websites on the internet. The more your website has links pointing to it from high authority sites on the internet, the more it is seen as a value-adding entity on the internet. This will cause its content to be ranked higher than other sites with similar optimization strategies but fewer backlinks. It has become one of the most popular ways to quickly improve the authoritarian status of your website hence it’s ranking.

Harness that Social Media Power

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram offer tremendous ranking power if it’s done the right way. They allow users to engage with your posts and brand. Its where posts can easily be shared which to some extent count as backlinks.

Don’t Shy from Blog Commenting

Commenting on blogs is also a great strategy for off-page SEO. Searching for blogs that allow you to easily comment on their posts while adding a link to your site is difficult and stops many people from achieving results with this technique. If you can find the patience to find and comment on high authority sites, it will help grow your site fast.

Guest Posting is Still Hot

Writing high-value content for other sites from time to time is the best way to get easy high-quality backlinks to your site and opens up your content to a new audience. It will trigger more organic traffic to your site.

Forums Posting Is a Thing

Posting on forums is a great way to promote your website and that’s obviously part of off-page SEO techniques. It has many of the effects of guest posing and commenting on other sites. Popular forums you can post on our Quora, Reddit, Yahoo Answers, eHow. Forums are a great playground to get to meet your peers and have a chat with them on topics of interest to you.

Build Trust

You can use off-page as well as on-page techniques to build trust for your brand. Transparency is one of the must-haves when trying to build trust for your brand. Post useful content and don’t try to deceive your readers with clickbaity titles and zero quality content.

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