On-page SEO tricks to follow: the complete expert guide for 2021

Google updates its search algorithm almost daily. You need to know what the latest updates do to stay in the game. Here are some SEO tricks to follow which might boost your ranking on google.

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This post helps you with the latest On Page Seo tricks and tips to follow and keep your site favoured by Google search algorithm gods. Here are the On Page Seo Tricks and tips to follow and we recommend you implement them on your site to keep the traffic coming.

  1. Focus on User Experience

Google’s RankBrain watches the interaction of users on your site from Google search results. If users bounce back immediately from your site to check more google search results, it means they did not get answers to their queries on your site, or the user experience wasn’t good.

We recommend that you optimize your site with a good clutter-free theme for a good user experience, and secondly, to make sure that the content provides the answers they need.

  1. Tap the Potential of Video

Video assets can be a huge traffic source for your site, especially if well done and optimized.

Video content poses huge potential, which is great for SEO. Videos hosted on platforms like Youtube are mostly evergreen, and they can keep visitors coming to your site if appropriately linked, and a call to action calling for viewers to visit your site for more in-depth content is added.

It also increases the chances for good user engagement if placed on your site. Chances are, your user might quickly run through a 1-minute video but may not want to read your 100-word article.

  1. optimize for Featured Snippets

Getting a place in featured snippets is a great traffic booster for your site. Just about 11% of search results have a featured snippet. Featured snippets are the results that show up on search engines like Google. They carry more information than typical search results. This usually gives a notion that the information has been vetted and approved by Google, so the tendency to get traffic from featured snippets is very high.

They’re usually shown with an accompanying image, a table, or a video, and bullet points from the content. This makes them stand out and in a better position to steal clicks from even the highest-ranked results.

  1. If it works for your business, get your site set up on Google My Business to show its legitimacy as a business or organization.
  2. Increase your sites load speed by compressing and optimize your images and minifying codes.
  3. Add an XML sitemap to Make sure your site is crawlable by search engine bots
  4. Use structured data (aka, “schema markup”) to classify your content so Google knows exactly what your post’s about.



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