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Starting a site in 2021, these are the best tips to beat your competition

Site Tips to Follow In 2021

After you have created your new website ready to take on the world, you need a strategy for success. A very important part of that strategy should be SEO, and that should take up the bulk of your budget and focus because SEO can make or break your site.

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If you chose to go about it yourself, here are some site tips to follow in 2021 and recommendations to get you started.

Get an SEO roadmap

An SEO roadmap is a specialized and strategic document that takes into account all aspects of a complete SEO strategy and lays out all the tasks you need to perform to get the desired ranking effect for a particular SEO project. Roadmaps are a great way to keep track of all your SEO tasks and help you evaluate if they are working or not.

This document also provides a timeline for these tasks and a process for resolving errors and decision-making obstacles along the way.

They can be incredibly complex or as simple or as complex as you like.  You can get in touch with us to create one that will fit into the vision of your site for growth.

Website essentials

Website essentials are the well known and standard search engine optimization practices that are almost common knowledge now and apply to almost any website. You will have a hard time getting search engine bots to crawl and rank your site if these fundamental steps are not completed.

They include:

  • Getting verified by Google Search Console
  • Installing the new Google Analytics 4
  • Installing google tag manager
  • Configuring robots.txt
  • Configuring site maps and adding them to the search console.
  • Performing SEO audits to determine technical and content needs

We have discussed some of these topics in great detail in some of our previous posts.

Technical SEO

You should have a series or list of technical checks and tests to complete as you start the project. A good SEO roadmap will help with this tremendously. It will also account for Technical site errors and mitigation, which will otherwise block all progress toward any SEO goal. Any error should be considered a priority.

Technical SEO put steps in place to answer these questions:

  • Can search engine bots crawl/find your page? (includes topics such as status codes, sitemaps, information architecture, robots.txt, facets)
  • Can search engine bots index your page? (includes: meta robots)
  • Can search engine bots render your page? (includes: JavaScript, the DOM, page speed)
  • Can bots understand the content on your page? (includes: structured data (, HTML), accessibility)
  • Are you sending search engines the proper signals for dealing with ranking content? (e.g., canonical tags, dealing with pagination)
  • Is this page worthy of the ranking? (includes: content relevance, authority, HTTP, UX, mobile-friendly, site latency)”

Link building

Link building is a very effective SEO strategy that has great ROI rates and is a no brainer for building a new site to authoritarian site status. It refers to the process of creating links on other sites that point back to your website. The quality of the link and the authority status of the site it comes from is of major importance. Good backlinks will promote your site, while bad links will pull in down into a grave.

We also offer excellent services in this domain. We have done it for years and now have the experience and business relationships with high authority sites from where we can get excellent backlinks.

After link building, you’ll want to focus on enhancing local SEO to compete for searches and leads from around your business location.

Topic and keyword research

Search engines like websites that provide concise and direct answers to questions. This is where topic research comes in. Topic and keyword research helps you determine the holes in content provided by other sites.

If a website was focused on attracting auto glass repair sales, you may focus its content around topics like the cost of replacing auto glass, and the time it takes to replace auto glass, the legality of driving with broken glass,

Good topics should have;

A deficiency of content around the topic, which you can create content to fill the gap.

They should be searched by a good amount of people on the internet to make it profitable from a traffic standpoint.

Applying these tips will put your site at an edge over the others.

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